A. Explain how historical lenses could be applied to your topic. For instance, are there aspects of this event that might interest a political historian and what are they?

This assessment addresses the following course outcomes:
Investigate major developments in the progression of historical inquiry for informing critical questions related to historical narrative
Articulate the value of examining historical events for their impact on contemporary issuesNow that you have done some research with primary and secondary sources (using only the sources provided in the research kit for your chosen topic) and
written an introduction for a possible history paper, you will turn your attention to thinking about the creation and value of historical inquiry. You will use the
research you have done throughout this course, as well as course materials, to inform your thoughts. To present your opinions and observations, you will create
a multimedia presentation (using a presentation tool such as PowerPoint) that addresses the following critical elements. While these questions may
seem big, remember that you are addressing them in a presentation, not a paper, and can use bullet points, visuals, or other methods. These critical elements
will be evaluated from the information you provide in your multimedia presentation of 1012 slides.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Articulate how different historical lenses impact how people perceive an historical event.

B. Choose one of the lenses referenced above, and detail how the historical narrative you started in your research and introduction might change
through this lens. For instance, how might the story of your event change when studied through its political aspects?
C. Discuss what conclusions you can draw about the telling of history in relation to the teller. How does this impact for you what history is?
Be sure to back up your opinions with information learned throughout the course.
II. Based on your conclusions, articulate the value of studying history.
A. Describe how you could apply to our lives today what you have learned from the event you have studied. Be sure to reference specific
contemporary issues. For instance, what specific issues that we encounter today could benefit from lessons learned from your event?
B. Discuss your opinion of the adage that history repeats itself. Do you agree or disagree? Be sure to explain why you have this opinion with
information you have learned throughout the course.
C. Discuss your obligation as a citizen of your society to understanding the history behind issues that impact you every day. For instance, what civic
duties you can be better at if you know more about their history? How can being a more informed member of society benefit you and society?