5) Using Ramseys connection to Christian love and social policies, describe how they would be applied to a specific policy currently debated today. Be Specific; not vague or over generalizing.

Only if you read Basic Christian Ethics by Paul Ramsey and What We Cant Not Know by J. Budziszewski Below you are asked to summarize portions of these
works IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Do not cite the books or quote from them. The essay exam will
take 5-7 pages. Avoid 1st person writing or interjecting personal opinion.1) J. Budziszewski spoke of “four witness” that seemingly “speak to us” regarding naturally
knowing right from wrong. What are they? List them, and give an explanation of them.2) Evaluate Budziszewskis section on Some Objections. What was the strongest or weakest
argument? Give details and include his comments and explanations given in the video
showing his conversation with Doug Wilson.3) List and describe the four sources of virtue, and who were their chief historic proponents, as
described by Ramsey.
4) List and describe the three views Ramsey offers concerning the image of God in mankind.

Remember, each answer must be in you own words. No quotations. I look for evidence that the
reading was done, and not simply googled in a rush. Each answer will take roughly a page or
more to answer. Some write more (which is fine), but if you write less its wise to ask whether
sufficient details were included to show that the reading was done.