4. When working in a group in the future what skills would bring forward from this particular experience?

Informative Group Speech Critique HandoutWorking with a team is an essential life skill. Sometimes group projects run smoothly other times they do not. The purpose of this essay is for you to tell me how you truly felt about you teams synergy.
Please note I am the only one who will read the critiques, so everything will remain confidential. You
will address the following in the exact order:

You will evaluate every team member- this includes yourself. On a scale of one to ten tell me
how each person performed. One is the least and ten is the highest. Ashely- 9
Diana- 9
Hector- 8
Myself- 8

1.Tell me how each member contributed to the outline/speech.
Everyone contributed to the outline except for Hector. I had to message him several times to ask for his part for the outline. Yes some people procarstinate and I myself sometimes is guilty too. But it took all 3 of the ladies to get a hold of him to remind him about the deadline. At the end he stepped up with contributing with the Power point for the Speech. As for myself, I should have stayed on top of the outline and not waited last minute to verify all the information and references. I sometimes beat myself up thinking I didn’t do my best. But having my group telling me they trust me when I let them read the final outline, boost my spirit and confidence. As for Diana and Ashley, they were both helpful and team player. When I needed something for the outline, they produce work right away. Ashley was the first one to give me her part which is amazing. It was the INTRO which is the first needed to construct the outline. And as for Diana, when I asked her that we need Transition for the outline, she immediately worked on it.I was impressed with Hector with the power point. He went above and beyond what was asked for it. We all gave him all the info and he delivered. So for that, he made up the work he didn’t do much for the outline.As for the speech, I am confident to say we did all well. After doing two personal speeches, we all gave each other suggestions and had confidence with each one that we will deliver a strong speech. Everyone has something to work with the speech such as avoiding fillers “UM”. Despite of it all, we applied everything we learned from our previous impromptu and speeches.

2. Who was/were your group leader(s) and why?
I was responsible for submitting work and communicating to the professor. I don’t consider myself the leader because we all contributed and work together as a group to get the work done.
We all gave each one equal work to do for the speech and outline. As for the speech, we made sure everyone has inputs to say. And had equal time for the speech.

3. Did your team interact well? Why or why not?
Yes. Despite of not having enough time to collaborate and the busy schedule of each one, we all tried our best to communicate, We used e-mail and txt messages to keep updates with the outline. We reminded each other what needs to get done. Communicating to each other was the key to get the work done.

5. What did you learn from this assignment in regards to group collaboration?