4. Does this person have to complete continuing education? If so, what types of education must they receive, how many hours, etc.? (1 slide)

Part 1:
Find a working professional in the chosen field (Community Nursing/Home Care Nursing) to shadow and interview
o Schedule a date and time to meet with your chosen health professional.
o Spend as much time as possible seeing what the professional does on a day to day basis. It is recommended that a few hours be spent with the professional interviewing and seeing the place of work as well as any routine business.
o Dress professionally when visiting and be thankful to the professional for the time spent.
o Use the questions below as a guide for interviewing your chosen health professional.
Part 2:
After shadowing/interviewing your professional, design a 1012 slide PowerPoint presentation documenting your experience and knowledge gained through this investigation.
PowerPoint slide content should follow the interview questions below in order.
o Creativity in design and appropriate use of pictures is encouraged.
o Any sources used should be referenced on the last slide using current APA format.
o PowerPoint slides should be in outline form. Any necessary dialogue should be included in the notes section below the slide.1. Name of the career/profession and what is required to practice this profession in the USA. (1 slide)
2. Who was the person with whom you shadowed/interviewed and on what day did you observe them? (1 slide)
3. Where did they go to school or what training did they have? What are their degrees, certifications, etc? (1 slide)

5. What were some of the daily functions of that person? What time of the day did they begin and end? Did this person interact with patients/clientsif so, on what level? Describe what took place while you were observing. (13 slides)
6. How does the person you observed describe a normal day? Stress level, time management issues, daily work load, etc. (12 slides)
7. What quality or characteristic does the person you interviewed think is necessary for someone working in that profession? (1 slide)
8. What characteristics do you think are a MUST for someone wishing to enter this profession? (1 slide)
9. What are 2 positives and 2 potential negatives about this profession? (1 slide)
10. Provide an Internet resource to the class where they can learn more about this profession. (1 slide)
Your reference list will be the last slide in your presentation.