3. Discuss the differences in Humanities in the Early and Late Middle Ages.

1. Write for each response at least a five paragraphs: an introduction of three or more sentences, a body of three paragraphs at least, and a conclusion of at least three or more sentences.2.Write formally unless otherwise noted. 3. Please put the number of the question you are answering at the beginning of each of your essays.4, Double space and use plain font5. Please make paragraph indents or use >> to show a paragraph break6. Submit to the Midterm Dropbox NO LATER THAN June 23 at 11:59 PM7. If you do not use MS Word, please save in RTF (Rich Text Format) before submissionThis is an open book, open notes test but please refrain from getting another person to help. The choices are yours, but you MUST have enough information to support your statements, as well as to balance your essays. Good luck!Questions:1. Using humanities such as art, architecture, philosophy, and religion, explain how the Renaissance begins and flourishes.Write formally and give examples with names. 2. “People are people. Strip away technology, societal norms, and religion and they behave the same.” Using FACTS from the book and Midterm Discussion Board, PROVE that statement. Give specific examples to show how people in the Ancient and Medieval worlds were the same as people today. By the same, look at their actions, motives, and what they held important.Please write formally. Give specific examples, including names of people/places/works.Please write formally.Keep in mind what constitutes Humanities. For example, war is NOT part of Humanities. However, the design of fortifications IS Humanities.