2. Examine some of the major differences and similarities of the works of Robert Parks Human Ecology, Louis Wirths notion of urbanism as a way of life and Harris and Ullmans nature of the city

Required resources
Thomas Belmonte. The Broken Fountain. (New York: Columbia University, 1989).
Philippe Borgois. In Search of Respect. (New York: Cambridge University Press).
The Course manual is attached as additional fileAssignments should reflect the course material found in the course manual and textbooks. Students are welcomed to bring in a bit of their own research but must cite that material using APA. Students are required to answer ONE of the following two questions. 1. Toennies, Durkheim, Marx and Engels, Weber and Simmel all viewed the development of the modern city as a transformation from rural communities to urban society. Examine some of their ideas on this transformation.