1)What social, cultural and economic tendencies are the federal nutritional guidance working against?

Respond to 2 of the following questions with specific details from and references to the readings. You need to specify which 2 questions you respond to. Each response needs to be at least 300 words (with word count at the end of each response):
2)Dhruv Khullar indicates that personal responsibility for food choices is not the only factor that affects what people eat. On what does he base this conclusion?
3)How does Freeman depict the media role in building brand reputations? How does the media affect how you see brands? Does your experience support or complicate Freemans depiction?
4)Why does Monsanto are about how dairy farmers advertise their products? Who should decide?
5)According to Patel, what role does government paly in the current food system? Explain whether the governments role is effective?
6)What does Shiva mean by soy imperialism? Does this term serve as a valid description of the dynamics she is describing? Why or why not?
7)Why is eating locally produced food important to some people? Is it important to you? Why or why not? How is its importance (or lack thereof) evident in your life and eating habits?