1). Write 2-3 pages on its specific history: production, when used, how popular, why important, etc. (More than what is said on the plaque in the museum itself…)

2). Write 2-3 pages on how it relates to what we learned about mass media in class. Example: ( Chosen Topic )If you choose the German popular radio, the Volksempfanger, you need to do research about it: when it was produced, why popular or required, etc. (If possible, also note what is known about the history, or what is special about, the specific item on display — the particular printing press, television, or copy of a newspaper on display). Then you need to consider how its production relates to what we learn in class about the use of radio for propaganda (in this case).P.S.About sources: using wikipedia as a source is not allowed. It is allowed, however, to use it as a starting point — as a point of reference to find other, peer-reviewed sources (i.e., in wikipedia’s footnotes). But that said, I would also expect references to sources not found on wikipedia.