1.Why do you think Brillat-Savarin decided to develop his explanation of “the physiology of taste” with a list of aphorisms?

Chapter 2 of Food Matters (FM)Respond to 2 of the following questions with specific details from and references to the readings. You need to specify which 2 questions you respond to. Each response needs to be at least 300 words (with word count at the end of each response):Would his thoughts have been more effective in a different form – say, told as short fiction stories?2.What do the foods we eat say about our spiritual values? In what ways might eating be called a spiritual act?3.If food is a mirror through which we can better understand ourselves – that is, if “We are what we eat” – what kind of reflection would Strauss see? Explain your answer.4.What is the Breakfast Experiment? What did Jurafsky learn from it? Is this kind of research compelling to you? Why or why not?5. Reflect on the relationship between your food preferences and your identity. Do your food choices express something about your identity or aspects of it? Why or why not?6. What does it mean to think of food as an art form? How does that change the way you think about chefs – or eating in a restaurant or at home?7. Would you try a “grasshopper snack” if you were offered one? Why or why not? What does your answer say about who you are?