1. Who or what is being satirized? Describe the cartoon in detail to show that you understand it.

Use Powerpoint for the 7 slides.Choose five political cartoons. Think of examples of satire you may have seen in magazines and newspapers that ridicule issues such as violence and political corruption. Finally, compare the chosen Political Cartoons to Swift’s treatment of gunpowder and English politics.The Presentation:
Slide 1Title Slide Slides 2-6Complete the following for each chosen Political Cartoon:
o The image of each chosen Political Cartoon should appear on the slide
o Answer the following questions in two well-developed paragraphs regarding the chosen cartoons (these can be divided on different slides if you need):

2. What makes the satire funny? What elements make the cartoon satire rather than simply comedy? Slide 7Craft a well-developed paragraph comparing and contrasting the use of satire in the Political Cartoons with the use of satire by Swift. You might consider the following elements:
o Types of irony used
o Presence of sarcasm
o Existence of exaggeration or hyperbole
o Appearance of antithesis Slide 8Works Cited slide with all Source Citation Entries in the correct formula for citing an image