1. Which of the following may have an influence on the diagnostician and affect the validity of a psychiatric diagnoses: cultural factors?, social factors?, moral factors?, political pressures?

Plus another professional sources such as a book or journal such as. It has to be a minimum 500 words. The content, grammar, APA style, times new roman, number of current (less than five (5) years old) references used in the essay and then with a rubric. There should be at least four (4) references including with sourcing from textbook. Correctly cite and reference all information using APA style. You may choose one of the following question to write the essay.

2. In symbolic healing, what are the effects on the patient’s psychological state?, physical state?, social relationships?, socio-economic status?
3. In what ways are the structure and dynamics of the family the result of: psychopathology?, cultural background?, economic status?, external social pressures?