1- Select an issue of concern. What are three ways that organizations are trying to positively change this situation? Give examples and be detailed. Where have they had success and where do the on-going challenges exist?

Answer the three questions below. There are no page or word requirements, but make sure that you answer the questions fully. Also, these are not to be answered as opinion pieces. Therefore, no personal pronouns (e.g. I think) make an argument and provide the evidence. Is the classic activism approach the best way to deal with this issue, or can you present an approach a social entrepreneur might take?2- There are a number of groups in China that have attempted to gain autonomy/statehood. Based on some research and your readings, why is there a fairly strong Free Tibet movement, whereas there are very few in the western world protesting to Free the Uyghurs? Explain at least three plausible reasons. There are some obvious reasons here, but explain why they are reasons not just that they are. What does this tell us about why some causes get attention, and others do not?3-You read a great deal about the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement. These are often touted as successes for social media. However, there are few who still see the Arab Spring as successful, and the Occupy Movement arguably led to few results. So were these really successes for social media as a tool of activism or not- provide at least three arguments either way. Note, while you read about these two events and therefore they might be easiest to address, it would be absolutely acceptable if you would like to tackle a more recent activist movement that has used social media (BLM, MeToo etc.)- just make sure that you focus on the use of social media and what success has or has not (will or will not) looked like.