1. How much impact do managers actually have on an organizations success or failure?

You must select a minimum of five questions to analyze and research. (You can answer more than five questions if you desire.) The questions must be chosen from at least three different chapters. Your research for each question must contain at least two independent scholarly reference citations that either support or refute the subject matter, excluding any of the course material sources. Finally, you must integrate the questions and your responses into a research paper that adequately answers the questions and blends (ties) the questions together.

2. Organizations that fail to plan are planning to fail. Agree or Disagree? Explain your position.
3. Some critics claim that corporate HR departments have outlived their usefulness and are not there to help employee but to shield the organization from legal problems. What do you think? What benefits are there to having a formal HRM process what are the drawbacks?
4. Discuss the advantages and drawbacks of the various recruiting sources.
5. List the factors that influence employee compensations and benefits.