1. How long have you been practiced as a Family Nurse Practitioner?2. What challenges have you encountered in your line of work as a FNP?

Interview Questions ot a Family Nurse Practitioner.Based on the AP role of the person that you interviewed in W1 Project, describe the role, the type of organization, and address all the interview questions, and include:List the type of organization. For example: Primary care office, ED, Specialty, cardiology GI etc.
List the type of and how many clients it serves. FP would see all ages. Research in your area the number of visits in a local office per year or # of visits seen local ED, specialty office etc.
the professional fit for advanced nursing role. “Fit” refers to the Qualifications in order to be an AP provider at that agency/organization. What license, credentialing (accrediting agency, and other expectations NPI, CMS)?
Include a brief job description
Discuss board of nursing NPA or scope of practice of the state. Include what the NPA in the state allows and restrictions.

3. What core competencies do you think a Family Nurse Practitioner should have?4. Of all the competencies which one do you think are vitally important and specific for Family nurse practitioners?5. What benefits are there for FNPs in practicing under professionals such as Family Physicians? 6. Do you think that FNPs are well equipped to practice independently?7. Do you think that Family nurse practitioners who practice independently should be limited to certain roles or a certain population? If so? Which?8. Do you think FNPs are better off practicing independently?9. When do you think a Family Nurse Practitioner should operate under physicians guidance?10. What would you recommend concerning whether FNPs should practice independently?APA format. References less than 3 years old from peer review journals.
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