1) Does our present society have an aristocracy or have we become one enormous middle class, where everyone is equal? Explain your answer.

Short Answer Assignment. (NOTE: These responses will be graded according to the Short Answer Assignment Rubric.)Please choose one of the following questions for your response on “Grant and Lee: A Study in Contrasts.” Write 250-300 words (one strong body paragraph), use the correct MLA heading, and use at least one direct quotation from the essay. Use Focus, Context, Evidence, and Analysis for body paragraph organization (the Analytical method from the textbook). Do not use any first or second person pronouns (I, you) in your response and carefully proofread for grammar and mechanics errors.Questions:

2) What does Catton mean when he states that Grant was everything Lee was not? Which of these two men appeals to you more? Give reasons for your answer.
3) Catton connects Lee to the past and Grant to the future. Which kind of leader does America need todaya Lee or a Grant type? Explain your answer.
4) As this essay is a comparison/contrast essay, which points are the strongest to illustrate either the similarities or differences of these two generals? Explain your answer.