1. Do you think law enforcement, corrections, and court officers build their own subcultures? If so, why?

Prepare a written action plan in which you evaluate social and economic influences on behaviors of a law enforcement officer. Then, be sure to include responses to the following in your paper:
2. Determine if law enforcement and court officers who choose to work at a second job could be lead to behave unethically. Provide examples to support your claims.
3. Do most police officers receive enough training to help them live up to the higher standard of morale and ethics, which will help them to succeed at avoiding negative influences of questionable societal norms?4. Some believe that corrections and court officers are less likely to accept bribes. Explain whether this statement is accurate, and then support your
response with recent empirical research.5. As a supervisor, explain how you can influence your subordinates to avoid potential negative influences from friends and associates. As part of your action plan, summarize how ethical behaviors will be measured within your department.