1. Discuss projects presently under the scope of responsibility of your Mentor.

Directions: This assignment has multiple parts. Read carefully ALL the requirements.
EARLY MOBILITY IN CVSD UNITPart 1: Project Development, Management and Completion

2. Collaboratively, choose a project of interest that can either be a stand alone project, or will be a part of a larger organizational effort, for this assignment. The equivalent of 10 hours will be allowed for research and project completion.
3. Once the choice has been made, utilize this form to guide discussion about project management and the subsequent anticipated result wi.th your mentor
4. Complete the project, meeting facility guidelines, with guidance/approval from you mentor.
5. Complete the Project Summary form. Student and Mentor Signature Required.Part 2: Discussion Forum: Project
1. Submit the completed Project Summary Form to the Module 6 Assignment Drop Box, sharing your accomplishment with your peers.
2. Participate in a Discussion Form:
Discussion Question: Review a peers project, reflect on a their stated lessons learned and comparing and contrasting them to your own learning about Project Management.
Note: Select a project not previously reviewed until all projects have be reviewed.Part 3: Submit a copy of the completed signed Project Summary form along with the required Clinical Documentation required at the end of your clinical experience.