1) Critically discuss Cartesian dualism and whether or not you think it is a viable theory of mind.

Directions: Answer two (2) essay questions. You should write a clear and accurate essay. Each essay is worth 50 points. If you use quotations, etc. you MUST provide citations.
Note: When providing a critical discussion, you need to discuss the major position/issue (demonstrate an understanding of the material and the philosophical position) and provide an analysis of the position; discuss advantages and standard objections to the position. You should then discuss your own evaluation of both the position and its objections and provide your reasons for accepting or rejecting either of the preceding. (Thus, make sure to include some comparisons and contrasts).
Choose two out of the four questions!!!!
The Nature of Mind

2) Critically discuss Functionalism and whether you find this view of mental states reasonable.
3) Critically discuss Mind/Brain Identity theory and whether you think it is a plausible theory about the nature of mind.
4) Using either (or both) Chalmers zombie argument or Nagels what-it-is-like-to-be-abat argument, critically discuss why they contend that consciousness is non-physical.