(1) Compare the experiences in story mode and franchise with the articles on NFL injuries, compensation, and masculinity.

Write Madden game part: While baseball may be Americas pastime, professional football has become the dream for a vast majority of children. To capture this desire in a video game, the Madden franchise has gone to great lengths to illustrate the pains that go into attaining this goal. Beyond the Longshot story mode, also play approximately 10 hours of another play-intensive mode. In this time, you should begin to see the impact of injuries on the team. For your diary entry, discuss the following:
In doing this, address the three-way balance between life goals, personal health, and wealth. Reference the module readings in crafting your discussion. (70 points)

(2) Second, take a stance: do you believe that football players are properly compensated for the risks they take? Use the articles provided in the module to guide your arguments. (70 points)