1. Compare and contrast three main points of two Change theorists/theories (Lewin, Lippitt, Quinn, Kotter, Havelock or Rogers)

Purpose: the purpose of this writing assignment is for students to demonstrate knowledge of understanding the change process through reflection and application to their personal or professional experience.

2. Select and apply one theory to a problem you experienced utilizing all of the steps of the selected theory
3. Give the background of the situation (setting, significant individuals, what is to be changed and why?). identify barriers to change and your plan for success or achieving your goal(s)
4. Conclude by summarizing the benefits and limitations of the model and make any recommendations regarding its limitation(s) (3 main points)
5. Apply the language and terminology of the theory in your narrative, and comply with rubric criteria
6. APA compliance with title page, reference list, intext citation (avoid plagiarism). This is an original work so minimize your citations
7. Proofread to eliminate and/or reduce typos, missing words, incomplete sentences, spelling and grammatical errors, redundancy, etc.
8. Content 3-5 page