1: Can you identify an example of a film that incorporates the female gaze and directs it to a female spectator? Is the image of the woman in the film transgressive? If so, how? Let’s see how many examples we come up with. Choice

Choose ONLY one of them, and write 400-450 words. Also you can choose to NOT use other sources. NO reference is better. Choice 2: Despite its more transgressive representations of women, do you think that Sex and the City reproduces some stereotypes that feminists, in general, have tried to challenge and displace? Which? Think of the intersectionality between gender, race, class and sexuality. Would all women be able to identify themselves with, enjoy or connect with those representations? Are there any women who are othered and made to appear less desiring, funny, intelligent or attractive? Ensure you title your post “Sex and the City”. Choice 3:Post on the discussion board your answers to the following two questions: a. Have you seen a film by a female filmmaker that challenges the male and/or the imperial gaze? How? Please bring as many examples as possible to discuss with your colleagues. b. What do you think might be the potential shortcoming of these films produced by female filmmakers? Ensure you title your post ‘Female filmmaker”.