1. Briefly summarize what Bouchard and Lykken’s research says about the contributions of heredity and environment to people’s characteristics.

ReadingsAre You a “Natural”?Mysteries of the Mind Online activity”Jung Personality”: https://www.123test.com/jung-personality-test/ AssignmentWrite a 500-600 word paper in which you discuss the following:2. Describe some of the ways in which our inner lives and everyday behavior are unconscious or not under our control.3. According to the Jung Personality test, what was your Jung personality? What (if any) parts of the results do you agree with, and what (if any) parts do you disagree with, and why? Do you think a test like this would be a good tool for determining what kinds of careers would best suit you? Why or why not? Please answer the three questions separately (not in one combined essay) and please number them! Please be sure to answer all parts of all three questions