1. Analyze the services a person with exceptionalities might require as he or she transitions through adolescence to adulthood.

Transitional services are critical for helping children with exceptionalities to successfully complete their schooling and transition into adulthood. One of the more daunting transitions is from adolescence to adulthood because children no longer have regular access to the professionals they did during their school years.Using the Internet, research transitional services available in your state. The Center for Parent Information and Resources offers a helpful Web site for researching various services. You may also use other reliable sources. The details of the CPIR Web site are as follows:Center for Parent Information and Resources. (n.d.). State agencies addressing disabilities. Retrieved from http://www.parentcenterhub.org/repository/stateagencies/
Based on your research, address the following:
2. Evaluate the transitional services available for your state.(FLORIDA) Be sure to list the Web sites and names of the agencies providing these services.
3. Compare these to the services you listed as being desirable for a person with exceptionalities transitioning to adulthood.
4. Present an evaluation of the level of services available.
5. Describe your search for information about transitional services.
a. What kinds of difficulties did you encounter in locating the information you needed, if any?
b. What sources did you use?
c. How did you go about finding information?
6. Provide your recommendations for locating services needed for people with disabilities as they transition into adulthood and addressing the challenges associated with gathering information.
–Write a 35-page paper in Word format. Be sure to include separate title and reference pages. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.