1) Admiral Grace Hopper is credited with saying, You manage things, you lead people. Do you agree, or disagree?

Explain. 2) Reference the Leadership Building BlocksPreview the document figure.a) Which of the building blocks do you consider most important for a leader? (Opinion)b) Discuss some differences between the blue blocks above the dashed line, and the yellow blocks below the dashed line. (If the color of the blocks is not evident, then simply reference the dashed line that divides the two sets of blocks.)c) Based on the definition of Leadership, below, discuss which of the building blocks is/are most important for effective leadership. (Opinion and Substance)Leadership is defined as a dynamic, influence relationship among leaders and followers who intend real change that reflects their shared purposes. d) Using the Leadership Building BlocksPreview the document, and the other course material, consider the following question: Are leaders born, or made?