1. According to the profile, what are your top five strengths? What are the key characteristics of each of your strengths?

CHRM 302 Christian Leadership Reading Interaction Directions for Strength Finder 2.0 Complete the Strengths Finder on-line profile. Your book should come with a code allowing you to have access to this tool. Answer the following questions. Plan for on 1-2 well-written paragraphs to answer each question. 2. What are the blind spots of your strengths? Areas for potential conflict or misunderstanding? 3. What does this information help you to understand about finding your own sweet spot? (A sweet spot is when your wiring, strengths, passion, and calling collide with the great needs of the world and give you meaningful work.) 4. What obstacles are there to building the strengths in your life? 5. What are the specific, practical strategies for how you can build on your strengths? Manage your weaknesses? (Remember the goal is NOT to be well rounded or a super Christian.) 2. Format for this assignment. 1. For the written part of this project, please type out each question and then answer it immediately following the question. This is not intended to be a paper that flows together. Question-answer. Question-answer. 2. Spell check and proofread carefully. 3. One-inch margins all around, double-spaced, use Ariel or Tahoma 11 pt. font. 4.